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A Shorth Plot

lshorth: The Shorth Plot

Distribution diagnostics based on the length of the shorth, the shortest interval containing a specified fraction of the distribution. The diagnostics can be used to detect qualitative features, such as the modality or skewness of a distribution.

This is an R package accompanying
  J. Einmahl, M. Gantner, G. Sawitzki: The Shorth Plot.
Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics March 2010, Vol. 19, No. 1: 62 - 73.
  J. Einmahl, M. Gantner, G. Sawitzki: Asymptotics of the Shorth Plot.
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference November 2010, Vol. 140, Issue 11, Pages 3003-3012.

To install this package directly within R, type

To install the recent package from source directly within R, type

Technical notes describing the shorth plot and its statistical background are in
G. Sawitzki: The Shorth Plot.
Technical notes. StatLab Heidelberg 1992 (rev. 2007).
The technical notes will be installed as doc/TheShorthPlot.pdf along with the package.

The statistical theory is in
J. Einmahl, M. Gantner, G. Sawitzki: The Shorth Plot.
Tilburg University CentER Discussion Papers. 2008.
A revised version is in the publications cited above.

The idea of the shorth plot was first introduced in:

G. Sawitzki: Diagnostic Plots for One-Dimensional Data.
in: Computational Statistics. Papers collected on the Occasion of the 25th Conference
on Statistical Computing at Schloss Reisensburg.
(Edited by P.Dirschedl & R.Ostermann for the Working Groups ... ... )
Heidelberg, Physica, 1994, ISBN 3-7908-0813-x, p. 237-258.

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Contact information is available on the author's home page.

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